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Lee County Housing Development Corporation (LCHDC), Inc. housing counseling program provides a variety of counseling services to clients seeking, financing, maintaining, renting, or owning a home. The program also addresses homelessness through counseling and assists homeowners in need of foreclosure assistance.

Purpose The Housing Counseling Assistance Program enables anyone who wants to (or already does) rent or own housing-whether through a HUD program, a Veterans Affairs program, other Federal programs, a State or local program, or the regular private market-to get the counseling they need to make their rent or mortgage payments and to be a responsible tenant or owner in other ways. The counseling is provided by Lee County Housing Development Corporation, Inc., a HUDapproved housing counseling agency.


U.S. homeownership rate rose to almost 67% during 2020, but due to the impacts of the pandemic, it declined a whole percentage point in just one year. The current volatility of the housing market creates barriers for potential homeowners to find and finance their own home.

That’s why the Bankrate team created a resource with up-to-date homeownership facts and statistics to help homeowners make better decisions.

Click Here for Up-To-Date Homeownership Facts and Statistics

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