Lee County Housing and Development Corporation is dedicated to the provision of affordable housing and counseling and education services to enable low-to-moderate families to successfully attain homeownership and to prevent homeowners from losing their home through foreclosure. We make the dream possible with seven simple steps that will help get your dreams off the ground and you in your home.


Low Down Payments
We don't require large down payments this allows you to get into your home quicker.

  Down Payment Assistance
We help bridge the gap between the sales price and the loan amount.
  Favorable Financing
We work to assist our clients in obtaining mortgage financing from local lenders who have agreed to provide favorable rates and terms.
  Homeownership Training
We provide our clients with services that range from credit counseling to basic home repair.
  Credit Counseling
We provide one on one counseling sessions to help you obtain your goal of homeownership.
  Plan of Action
We assist with all phases of the HDC program to ensure your transition into your new home.
  Motivating Our Clients
Lee County Housing and Development Corporation is dedicated to helping our clients stay focused, committed and to understand the value of homeownership.
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